Chiller Repairs and Maintenance

Inter-Chillers has our own in-house chiller services team which is held in very high regard amongst the building services industry. In many cases we are requested by other HVAC organisations to provide their chiller servicing as an alternative to using OEM suppliers. Additionally, we have factory trained and experienced technicians in all major OEM brands.

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Commercial and Industrial HVAC

Inter-Chillers currently service all general HVAC requirements from the smallest air conditioning units right through to larger multiple static sites with state of the art equipment. Our in-house service team has in excess of six hundred years of combined experience in the HVAC industry and we are industry leaders in energy management and equipment retrofits.

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Building Management Systems

Inter-Chillers have extensive experience in the service, maintenance and installation of building management systems (BMS). We have OEM trained technicians on many of the more common or well-known brands. Our experience is extensive in the design and supply of all types of control systems from the smallest standalone unit to larger multiple building sites.

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Energy and Cost Management

Inter-Chillers understands the importance of ensuring a building operates as efficiently and reliably as possible to minimise energy usage and overall operational costs. We have worked with many key clients to provide energy solutions with maximum efficiency and return on investment in all facets of operations such as shopping centres and manufacturing plants.

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Equipment Review and Retrofits

Inter-Chillers believe to prolong life and ensure maximum efficiency gains from all equipment, it is necessary to constantly review equipment needs and be at the forefront of all industry innovations. Inter-Chillers investigates avenues where reprocessed refrigerant can be utilised to prolong a piece of equipment’s serviceable life and thus reduce costs.

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What We Offer

We have the infrastructure, proven expertise and resources to provide chiller and all other HVAC equipment rehabilitation, repair and replacement services via our in-house experienced professional staff, and also our network of approved agency contractors and suppliers to meet and deliver our clients expectation and objectives.


With an emphasis on economical building solutions, every site, large or small, is treated with the same attention to programming and efficiency resulting in high quality work delivered within agreed contractual timeframes and budgets.

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Above all else, Inter-Chillers foundations remain firmly rooted in our people, a team of highly skilled professionals working closely together at every level ensuring a continued and sustainable level of exceptional service for all of our valued clientele.

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With an enviable track record of over 200 new chiller and cooling tower installations over recent years Inter-Chillers enjoys continued invitations from most leading mechanical consulting companies, building owners and property management professionals.

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Inter-Chillers is able to provide a number of professional services and strives to meet short timeframes and turnarounds. These services include, but are not limited to: chiller repairs & maintenance, commercial & general HVAC services, controls, energy management.

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Meet Our Team

Deborah Blackman

Managing Director

Deborah is a founding Director of Inter-Chillers and serves as Chief Executive. She has extensive business…

Kevin Johnston

General Manager

Joining the Inter- Chillers team in 2019 Kevin has been in the HVAC industry for over 30 years, 25 of…

Dan Humphrey

Project Manager

Dan is a qualified engineer with a background in design engineering, drafting and project management…

Graeme Economos

Project Manager

Graeme has over 35 years’ experience in the HVAC industry from hands on repairs of all types of equipment…